Mystery Quilt 4

Mystery Quilt 4 was originally released in monthly installments, but is now freely available to follow at your leisure. Simply download each session as you are ready.

For this quilt, I have designed it with a patchworker’s stash in mind. You need a large background piece, but the rest is done scrappy. So long as your piece is larger than 4cm square you can use it somewhere. I have broken the instructions up into sessions and parts, simply follow 1 step at a time.

Finished size:- 170cm square
Seam allowance:- 6mm

I recommend that all fabrics should be washed and pressed before starting. Also, you should read through all instructions for the section before starting work on that section.


  • 3.8 metres main fabric/background.
    • This needs to be a simple fabric, plain, marbled or with a small simple print as it must contrast your other fabrics.
  • 10 – 12 fat ¼’s or a large stash for contrasts – checks, stripes or any pattern will be fine as long as there is contrast from the background.