It's time

Well, after many years of selling physical paper patterns, Gumnut Gear is ready to go all digital!

This move has benefits for us and for you!

  • More space in the studio for us to create and design
  • Less trips to the post office, giving us more time for teaching and designing
  • Our patterns will be cheaper for you, and available almost instantly through Craftsy, no more waiting by the letter box!
  • And right now we are having a huge clearance of our physical patterns, which are all 50% off in our online store (and studio) until 2nd of October 2018 or sold out!
  • While we are in the clearance zone, we are also clearing out some fat quarter bundles (includes 5 fats) for just $9.00, and finished items (some bags and quilts made by Therese) at cost price.

So come and grab a bargain while they last!

Renovation Sale

Currently we are in the process of renovating the Gumnut Gear Studio. In order to do that we have had to remove all of the stock and furniture from the rooms. This was a pretty big job, and we found a lot of things that we really don’t want to have to put back once the renovations are finished! To this end we are having a Reno Sale.

There are very limited stocks (usually only 1) of the finished bags and quilts as well as the fat quarter packs. Some of the patterns are limited as well.

We may add more items as we continue to sort and clean the studio. Hopefully the work will start in earnest shortly and we’ll be back in our cosy rooms by the end of the year.

Mystery Quilt Marathon - 21st October

We will soon be holding our next Mystery Quilt Marathon!

  • Saturday 21st October 2017
  • 9:00am to 9:30pm
  • Morning tea, lunch and dinner are provided
  • Fabrics are selected and cut prior to the day
  • At the Gumnut Gear Studio in Gunnedah

Will you be joining us? Contact Therese for bookings and more information on 0402 867 180 or

A Long, Dark Winter...

This winter was a difficult time for me as I bounced from one illness to the next. Since early May I have been struggling with chest infections, bronchitis, several bouts of conjunctivitis and gastroenteritis, and sinus and ear infections, plus a most hideous case of food poisoning… With a family of six, there were few days when no one was sick, and caring for sick kids is almost as tiring as being sick yourself. All of that has left me exhausted and feeling low. My beautiful husband, Big L, has been an absolute rock, pulling the cart when I could not, and putting up with my complaints, and my snoring! He is an amazing person with a big heart, and I adore him.

During those long months, it was difficult to work and sometimes even to read and draw, so Gumnut Gear has had a quiet stretch. I am sorry for this. As the weather warms and I finally overcome the latest ear infection, I am looking forward to more sewing, quilts, and blogging!


Amy Pattern Giveaway

I’ve got two of our new Amy patterns to give away over on our Facebook page.

Competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 31st May 2017. No purchase is necessary to enter, you just have to answer the question “What is your favourite girls name?” on the giveaway post. Australian residents only.

First Jelly Roll Race

I recently went to the Canberra Craft Alive event with Therese. We had a lovely time browsing the stalls and spending money :) While we were there I picked up a batiks jelly roll from Sew N Sew Sisters. I used it to make an easy jelly roll race quilt top.

This is my jelly roll showing the different colours. There were 4 strips each of 10 different fabrics.

I started by joining all of the strips together end to end. I joined them on the diagonal because Therese told me to. This was probably the hardest and most time consuming part of putting together the quilt top. It was complicated by some of the fabrics packaged the wrong side up, so I had to check each fabric carefully to make sure I was using the right side, which can be difficult with batiks. I took one strip from each colour until I ran out of strips. That took a bit over an hour, I think, and I had a huge mound of fabric behind my machine when I was done!

Then came the fun of joining my very long strip end to end and repeat.

It took about three hours to complete. I’m pretty happy with it. If I was using another jelly roll like this one, I think that I would use two strips of the same colour end to end during the first step.

Now I’m thinking about adding a border. What do you think?


A Near Beginner Sewer on a Journey to Create

As you may already know, I am not just Therese’s off-sider, I am also her daughter. And shocking as it may seem, I am not much of a sewer! I have been around sewing and patchwork practically my whole life. I have dabbled here and there, but never really had the inclination to make the time to learn properly. As a child, I was too busy reading books and playing sports to do too much with a sewing machine, and then I had study and children and time got away…

Over the years I have done a little bit of sewing, some modern cloth nappies for my babies, flannelette handkerchiefs, cloth wipes, and even a very simple scrap quilt for my bed (under the guidance of Therese!), but I’ve never been serious about it. Now, however, my youngest kiddies are off to preschool and I have found myself with a bit more time to be creative.

So I am on a journey to improve my sewing and create some lovely projects along the way! I am hoping to share some of my projects and progress with you, as I (hopefully) increase and expand my sewing abilities and confidence.

Happy Sewing!

Celebrate in May

We have launched our new website and now we are having some Grand Re-opening specials! It is also Mothers Day on the 14th of May, so there is much call for celebrating in May.

Enjoy the following offers until the 15th May 2017.

Check back here soon for more May celebrations :)

April Discounts

Hello, hello from our brand new website!

Still fiddling with a lot of things, but something I have worked out is the ability to discount products! Yay!

So to start us off, enter the code NEWSITE during checkout to receive 30% off e-patterns and patterns through to the end of May 2017.

And as a bonus, all products in our New Products section are already discounted by 10%.

Discount codes are applied on top of other discounts or sale prices.

The Time is Near

After several months of designing, writing and uploading, the new Gumnut Gear website is going live tomorrow!

I am equal parts excited and nervous. Therese has been running Gumnut Gear for quite a while, with me as an offsider on and off since I was young. While Therese has been creating dozens of beautiful designs, developing them into patterns, and teaching all aspects of sewing and patchwork, I have worked at quilt fairs and markets, worked behind the scenes doing website administration and wholesale orders, re-working and converting patterns. And now, after almost eighteen years online, we have developed an entirely new and modern website that will soon be showcasing all of the fresh new patterns Therese has been working on. We have stepped away from the safety of the old website that has been essentially the same for many, many years, and here we are; on the brink of revealing our hard work!

Oh, I do hope you all like our new look, and that you can forgive us for any teething issues we encounter. I am still working on getting the e-patterns to be downloadable directly from the customer accounts, so in the mean time, I will still be sending the documents out manually, so please bear with me. And I’m sure there will be other little issues crop up as we get the hang of our new site. I’m bound to find spelling mistakes or descriptions paired with the wrong product, and I apologise for this, but unfortunately it is inevitable when transferring so many products to a new platform. I will try to fix these as I discover them.

I’m updating the requirement lists for each product, and slowly converting more of our patterns to e-patterns. I’m also looking into being able to provide separate accounts for retailers who would like to wholesale our patterns. If you are interested in more information about our wholesale line, don’t hesitate to email me

So, there is still lots going on, and of course, we expect to be posting new and fresh products regularly in the coming months. I hope you have a chance to check out our new site, create an account, subscribe to the newsletter and find a pattern or two just right for you!

For all our wonderful customers and followers, please use the discount code NEWSITE for 30% off patterns and e-patterns until the 31st May 2017.

Welcome to Gumnut Gear

Thanks for visiting the new Gumnut Gear Website!

Please forgive us for any teething issues in the first few weeks. If you see a mistake, or something that isn’t quite right on the site, please let me know via

We will be adding more products and more blog posts soon.