An e-pattern is a digital pattern. Each e-pattern has the same content as its pattern counterpart, but it can be downloaded immediately upon payment of the order. It can be viewed on a computer or printed if you prefer. However, copyright still applies to e-patterns, meaning that you can not share the file or share a printed version of it.

To access an e-pattern you must have an account with Gumnut Gear. After completing your order, if it contains an e-pattern, a link to download the e-pattern will appear on the confirmation page. The same link will appear in the confirmation email sent to your email address.

If you have any issues accessing your e-pattern please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Note: At the moment I am still working on getting all of the e-patterns to be downloadable. If an e-pattern is not currently downloadable, it will be emailed to you shortly. The email will contain a link and password for each e-pattern. E-patterns can be viewed with Adobe Reader