First Jelly Roll Race

I recently went to the Canberra Craft Alive event with Therese. We had a lovely time browsing the stalls and spending money :) While we were there I picked up a batiks jelly roll from Sew N Sew Sisters. I used it to make an easy jelly roll race quilt top.

This is my jelly roll showing the different colours. There were 4 strips each of 10 different fabrics.

I started by joining all of the strips together end to end. I joined them on the diagonal because Therese told me to. This was probably the hardest and most time consuming part of putting together the quilt top. It was complicated by some of the fabrics packaged the wrong side up, so I had to check each fabric carefully to make sure I was using the right side, which can be difficult with batiks. I took one strip from each colour until I ran out of strips. That took a bit over an hour, I think, and I had a huge mound of fabric behind my machine when I was done!

Then came the fun of joining my very long strip end to end and repeat.

It took about three hours to complete. I’m pretty happy with it. If I was using another jelly roll like this one, I think that I would use two strips of the same colour end to end during the first step.

Now I’m thinking about adding a border. What do you think?