The Time is Near

After several months of designing, writing and uploading, the new Gumnut Gear website is going live tomorrow!

I am equal parts excited and nervous. Therese has been running Gumnut Gear for quite a while, with me as an offsider on and off since I was young. While Therese has been creating dozens of beautiful designs, developing them into patterns, and teaching all aspects of sewing and patchwork, I have worked at quilt fairs and markets, worked behind the scenes doing website administration and wholesale orders, re-working and converting patterns. And now, after almost eighteen years online, we have developed an entirely new and modern website that will soon be showcasing all of the fresh new patterns Therese has been working on. We have stepped away from the safety of the old website that has been essentially the same for many, many years, and here we are; on the brink of revealing our hard work!

Oh, I do hope you all like our new look, and that you can forgive us for any teething issues we encounter. I am still working on getting the e-patterns to be downloadable directly from the customer accounts, so in the mean time, I will still be sending the documents out manually, so please bear with me. And I’m sure there will be other little issues crop up as we get the hang of our new site. I’m bound to find spelling mistakes or descriptions paired with the wrong product, and I apologise for this, but unfortunately it is inevitable when transferring so many products to a new platform. I will try to fix these as I discover them.

I’m updating the requirement lists for each product, and slowly converting more of our patterns to e-patterns. I’m also looking into being able to provide separate accounts for retailers who would like to wholesale our patterns. If you are interested in more information about our wholesale line, don’t hesitate to email me

So, there is still lots going on, and of course, we expect to be posting new and fresh products regularly in the coming months. I hope you have a chance to check out our new site, create an account, subscribe to the newsletter and find a pattern or two just right for you!

For all our wonderful customers and followers, please use the discount code NEWSITE for 30% off patterns and e-patterns until the 31st May 2017.